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The interface is multi-user, picture driven and interactive with audio prompts available so every user simply has  to click on  his-her photo and is presented with personalized software categories.


Adult Solution


Perfect for:

Adult Day Centers, Residential Homes, Rehab

Centers, TBI patients and Senior Homes.

Early Childhood Solution

Tech4Everyone Enabler Senior™

is  the choice for

Adults suffering with Traumatic Brain Injury!

The Tech4Everyone Enabler Senior™ is an environment that enables cognitively and physically challenged adults in Day and Residential Programs to be independent computer users.
The age-appropriate software and digital tools help centers build essential life and social skill activities. The Tech4Everyone Enabler Senior™ includes innovative ways to integrate photographs, slide shows, videos, and books into the centers daily programs.
Tech4Everyone Enabler Senior™ enables counselors to create a personalized profile for each consumer. All categories were created to meet different skill levels and interests so individuals can use the computer independently.

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